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Sacred Valley Machupicchu of the Incas 2 days

Sacred Valley Machupicchu tour visit it on the best way in two days. First day we will do a very interesting dream tour visiting Chinchero archeological center and also its artisan market. Here we will share a moment of great joy and knowledge about its authentic textiles, we will teach how colors are obtained. only of the nature flowers, leaves and others and also the process of obtaining the alpa wool.

We will continue with the trip and we will arrive at the amazing salt mines where there are more than 6200 wells in production in an artisan way, all accompanied by a professional guide in a tourist transport, Moray is the most sophisticated laboratory of the time of the Incas, this place will transport you to another time. it is crazy and interesting, by  12:30 it will be propitious time to have a delicious lunch of peru,

It will take an hour to enjoy this, then we will go to Ollantaytambo, a very picturesque town at the same time very interesting because of the giant archaeological center where you can see many temples dedicated to different Inca deities.

This day we will also take the train to Machupicchu town where we will spend one night and the next day you will be able to visit this modern marvel with all the energies with our expert professional guide.

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Chinchero & its Textile

Chichero becomes a very important tourist attraction for its archaeological center and impressive  textiles that are made by hand and in an artisanal way.

Machupicchu valle Sagrado
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Maras Salt Mines

This salt is considered one of the richest in minerals in the world, this salt has a large amount of minerals which make it very rich and its extraction is done by hand.

Machupicchu valle Sagrado
moray 1


It is considered that it was the most important experimental plant laboratory of its time, Thanks to this place and the people who worked here, many Andean products were domesticated at different altitudes on the andes.

Machupicchu valle Sagrado
ollantaytambo 1


Very typical town of Peru very interesting because of its yellowish houses and its architecture closely related to nature and its great archaeological center

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You will spend one night in the town of Machupicchu, after resting the next day, we will take a 30-minute bus to the archaeological center. You will enter with a professional guide with your entrance tickets at the authorized entry time. You will have approximately 2.5 hours of tour in this Wonderful place, our guide will be in charge of providing you with all the possible information about the place and sharing spectacular moments. After the tour, you will take a bus down and return to Cusco by train and transportation.

note book this tour in advance there are income limits for Machupicchu

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